Monday, 14 September 2015

New Black Eyed Child Sighting on Cannock Chase 2015 - You will want to read this one

The Cannock Post news team have just released a new Black Eyed Child sighting from Cannock Chase that occurred last week. Here's the link to the full article:

"I had a very disturbing incident yesterday Thurs 10th Sept 2015, approx 14.30hrs. I am an enthusiastic trekker and outdoors man. Whilst walking an old out of the way route over the chase, something very bizarre happened. A butterfly started to buzz me.

After several hundred feet of fast walking the same butterfly was still hovering around me, but just ahead, just as though it was leading me. Very very weird I thought. I entered a sheltered part of the walk where the sun was shielded by trees. The butterfly disappeared very quickly and the atmosphere cooled.

I happened to look to my left and about 100 feet away was a small thin child, age around 7 to 10, short dark hair, maybe a bob cut. The only way I could describe the child was like they were a black and white photo. Head slightly bowed and facing me. She didn't look menacing, ghostly or anything like how you might expect a spirit to look. I nearly fell over I was that shocked." 

What do you think?

Monday, 20 April 2015

SHOCKING VIDEO: New Black Eyed Children Sighting at Cannock Chase 2015

The Express and Star has just published a new article that features a video sighting of the black eyed child on Cannock Chase. It was taken from a drone that someone had been operating in the area. Take a quick read through the article, watch the video, and let me know what you think. For anyone quick enough to grab a copy, it's actually on the front page of today's paper.

This is the most convincing sighting I've ever seen, if it's genuine. 

Cannock Chase Paranormal Documentary Now Online

Well, here it is guys. The documentary is finally online, and boy is it an interesting episode. My only criticism is that the team should have contacted me first in order to find the best locations and present the correct information. However, they've done a fantastic job. Check it out!

Monday, 13 April 2015

New Black Eyed Child Cannock Chase Documentary

The ghostbusters over at Haunted Finders performed a little investigation into Cannock Chase and the black-eyed child sightings recently. Watch the trailer for their Season 2 episode on Cannock Chase below. The full show will be uploaded to YouTube this Friday night at 8pm. Looks like it could be an interesting one.

I'll post an update at the weekend with the full video.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mass UFO Sighting At Cannock Chase 24/03/2015

Evening guys!

This might be one of the fastest blog posts I've ever typed, and there is a pretty good reason for me wanting to get it online as quickly as possible. At around 9pm tonight (Tuesday 24th March 2015), hundreds of Cannock Chase residents witnessed strange phenomena in the skies. I have to admit that I am among those who bore witness to the event. 

Before anything could be seen with the naked eye, there was a deep and very loud drone noise not unlike that you would expect to hear from an old WW2 bomber. After around three minutes, the craft came into sight. It seemed to be incredibly large and astonishingly low in the sky with three red lights that were easily noticeable. The UFO traveled very slowly, and so many people thought it was about to crash to earth. Thankfully, it disappeared out of view without anything too catastrophic happening. The sound from the engine (or whatever it was) lasted for around another five minutes. 

Local residents soon turned to Facebook with their questions about the strange craft seen over Cannock Chase. Here are some quotes from their sighting reports...

"It was stupidly loud. My heart is still pounding."

"I heard it and thought that's low..thought it might have been a plane coming down looked like one big thing with 3 lights,,scared the ......outta me."

"Way to slow for fighter jets, it flew directly over our house it made a sharp left turn and carried on"

"My house was rumbling....and i'm still was slow and it was bloody huge."

"I heard it. Very low and loud- sounding and seemed to last for about 3 mins. The dog went mad. Unfortunately, I was too lazy and comfortable to get up and look! Very low engine noise. This was by Cannock Cemetery."

"It wasn't a fighter jet. Way to big. Three red lights one at rear one on each wing. Usually commercial planes have flashing lights but this just had three solid red lights. Could have been a large military plane especially with such an unusual flight path."

As you can see from their comments, the whole town is talking about the sighting. Let's look at some of the possible explanations:

  • There is currently a US aircraft carrier stationed just off the coast of Portsmouth. It is possible the craft was some kind of top secret plane.
  • We can't rule out the possibility that we all saw an airplane in distress that was in fact experiencing engine trouble. 
  • Lastly, we have to acknowledge the fact that hundreds of people in the Cannock Chase area have just seen a genuine otherworldly UFO. 
I've checked online with flight tracking services, and have concluded it would be impossible for this to have been a plane in trouble. There simply weren't any flights in the area at that specific time. I also contacted Birmingham airport to make sure, and they confirmed none of the flights leaving or arriving at the airport have experienced issues that would have led them to fly so low.

Getting information out of the military is sometimes tough, but my FOI will be written and emailed off within minutes of finishing this blog post. I'll do my best to get to the bottom of it guys. 

With so many UFO sightings during the last couple of years in this area, many people now believe they are from another place. A place we don't even dare to imagine. A place where everything we know about the universe it turned on its head. That's right folks, we're talking about alien planets at the other end of the galaxy. What do you think?

I'll post an update soon!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Proof Slender Man Wasn't Created Online

No doubt some of you will be eagerly awaiting an update on the Cannock Chase sightings that have been piling up during the last few weeks. Thankfully, you'll be getting one very soon. In the meantime though, I'd like to draw your attention towards a fantastic new Mysterious Universe article by author and UFO investigator Nick Redfern. He mentions a sighting report from 2008 that is recorded in one of his books. Astonishingly, the report comes from Cannock Chase, and it seems to describe the same entity we're dealing with today. As most of the people who don't believe this creature exists base their arguments on the fact that it was supposedly created on an internet forum, maybe now is a good time to re-think?  

Take a look for yourselves here:

I'll speak to you all again very soon. 
Lee Brickley