Monday, 20 May 2013

UFO Sighting Report 2013 - Blue Lights At Hednesford Part 2

I spent the best part of yesterday at the home of Mr Graham, who reported seeing some strange blue lights in the sky, travelling vertically up and down near Hednesford last week. Upon my arrival, Mr G seemed very open and glad to speak with me. With some minor pleasantries out of the way, and a cup of tea in my hand, we headed into the lounge to talk about what exactly it was that he saw. If you didn't catch my post containing his initial sighting report, here it is again..............

NAME: T*** Graham


DATE: 1/5/13 - (May 1st for any U.S readers)


LOCATION: Hednesford Hills

DETAILS: My son and I were out using our RC plane on Hednesford Hills last night and we saw some lights in the sky. At the time listed above, we saw four bright blue lights moving up and down vertically in the direction of Littleworth Road. We tried to get some pictures but my phone is quite old so they look rubbish and you cant see anything on them. I don't know if you might have any idea as to what it was it was? I've personally never seen anything like it. It was almost as if the lights were running up and down a wire attached from the ground to the sky.

Mr G confirmed everything in that report was correct, but also added some very interesting info: upon returning home an hour or so after the sighting had taken place, both he and his son heard the rumbling sound of helicopters overhead. Rushing to their windows, they saw two, double bladed, black helicopters flying towards the sighting location. This will no doubt get even weirder when I tell you that I, myself, have seen these helicopters on a number of occasions over the last few months. In-fact I've been spotting them so frequently that a couple of weeks ago I decided to start keeping a camera on the windowsill, and yesterday afternoon when I returned home from MR G's, I managed to get a photo of one.

So what are they doing? Well, these helicopters are new to the area, and in all my years of living here, I have never seen double-bladed military style machines flying over before, so are we to assume they are indeed connected to Mr G's UFO sighting? And if they are: do we presume they are in some way related to the origin of the sighing? Or could they simply be investigating it like the rest of us? Who knows, but all this activity is certainly raising local eyebrows.

If you live or work in the area and you see one of these helicopters, please take photographs and send them to me for publication on this blog. I'll also try to snap as many as I can over the next few weeks, so if you'll work with me, we might be able to determine where these crafts are coming from, and what it is they think they are doing. Large helicopters have appeared on an almost daily basis recently, is this a sign that something significant has happened? Or maybe it's about to happen? The military certainly seems interested in something!

As to the origin of MR G's blue light sighting, I must admit I’m at a loss. His description cannot be explained away with any technology we know to exist, so I have to conclude he either saw a genuine UFO, or stumbled upon some top secret military experiment associated with those choppers. Still, I'm sure this is not the last we will hear on the matter.

Until next time comrades,

Peace and Love

Lee Brickley 2013

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  1. Hey, yes I saw a helicopter that nearly landed in a backyard next to me, what were they doing?