Friday, 28 June 2013

UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man

UFO's Werewovles & The Pig-Man

The last few months have been incredibly busy for me, I've written, edited and formatted my first book which I can now announce will be published on July 22nd . So, I thought it was about time for me to release the eye-catching front cover, designed by my good friend David Reeves. I really can't thank David enough for his time and effort – cheers mate.

As one chapter of my life draws to it's inevitable close I feel endlessly optimistic about whatever the future holds. Writing a book is no easy task, but the entire process has been a total pleasure for me. I'd like to take some time out to thank all the people who have offered their help and support. So a massive thank you to Nick Redfern, Brad Steiger, Timothy Green Beckley, Tim Swartz, Colin Hall, and perhaps most importantly: the people of Cannock Chase for sharing their stories, without you this book would never have been written.

So what comes next? Well, I'm booked on a few radio shows over the next few months and I'll be lecturing at a couple of events (more info soon), but essentially the baton has now been passed to you. I'll be posting links to the book upon publication, so keep your eyes peeled, I hope you will find it interesting – I certainly do.

If you've enjoyed reading my posts on this blog, please subscribe or follow, as there is still so much more to come. Thus far I have refrained from mentioning many of the more recent paranormal cases from Cannock Chase, simply because I don't want to spoil the book, but as soon as the release date comes around, I'll be posting brand new sighting reports and eye-witness testimonies that could well shock and even mystify some readers. So far you've only had a very brief outline of the events taking place on the Chase, this will soon change.

That's about it from me today, I've just got a small request for all my friends: please share this article, post it to you're social media, do whatever it is you amazing people do, and I'll be back with more updates and perhaps even a publication date countdown very soon.

Until next time my friends …..........

Written by Lee Brickley 2013