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UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man

UFO's Werewovles & The Pig-Man

The last few months have been incredibly busy for me, I've written, edited and formatted my first book which I can now announce will be published on July 22nd . So, I thought it was about time for me to release the eye-catching front cover, designed by my good friend David Reeves. I really can't thank David enough for his time and effort – cheers mate.

As one chapter of my life draws to it's inevitable close I feel endlessly optimistic about whatever the future holds. Writing a book is no easy task, but the entire process has been a total pleasure for me. I'd like to take some time out to thank all the people who have offered their help and support. So a massive thank you to Nick Redfern, Brad Steiger, Timothy Green Beckley, Tim Swartz, Colin Hall, and perhaps most importantly: the people of Cannock Chase for sharing their stories, without you this book would never have been written.

So what comes next? Well, I'm booked on a few radio shows over the next few months and I'll be lecturing at a couple of events (more info soon), but essentially the baton has now been passed to you. I'll be posting links to the book upon publication, so keep your eyes peeled, I hope you will find it interesting – I certainly do.

If you've enjoyed reading my posts on this blog, please subscribe or follow, as there is still so much more to come. Thus far I have refrained from mentioning many of the more recent paranormal cases from Cannock Chase, simply because I don't want to spoil the book, but as soon as the release date comes around, I'll be posting brand new sighting reports and eye-witness testimonies that could well shock and even mystify some readers. So far you've only had a very brief outline of the events taking place on the Chase, this will soon change.

That's about it from me today, I've just got a small request for all my friends: please share this article, post it to you're social media, do whatever it is you amazing people do, and I'll be back with more updates and perhaps even a publication date countdown very soon.

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Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cannock Chase UFO Sighting 1996

It's just a quick one from me today. I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in this UFO sighting report I received.........

NAME: Richard B******


SIGHTING DETAILS: In Summer of 1996 (maybe June, around 730pm) I witnessed, along with other people a UFO in Chadsmoor, Cannock, Staffordshire, UK. I was on a bank on the common between the moon under the water and the nest pubs and I witnessed clearly, a silver flying saucer shaped object with reflective orbs/lights around it. It was hovering at landing plane height above the Church in central Chadsmoor, from here it shot to my right and re-appeared around half a mile further towards Cannock. It re-appeared again above the church and seemed to disappear and reappear in the same pattern or just hover for around half an hour. There were visible planes in the sky at the same time. It was not a plane, and its speed of movement was beyond recognition.

I get quite a few people contacting me with sightings of this nature as you will know if you've read through some of my other posts. Still, I intend to look into this instance a little further, so if anyone remembers seeing anything strange in the sky in 1996 – please get it touch

Thanks guys,

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Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Penkridge UFO Crash / British Roswell

One of the more famous UFO cases associated with Cannock Chase happened in the spring of 1964, and involved an unidentified craft that reportedly blew up in the skies over mainland Europe. A small part of the craft landed in West Germany and another much larger part landed close to the small town of Penkridge. It is alleged that three bodies were recovered from the crash site at Cocksparrow Lane by both RAF and NATO intelligence services.

Now, I feel it is necessary for me to point out that the information only came to light fully in the 1990's after Leonard Stringfield, a U.S Naval officer, released the files of a retired third class U.S Navy source, who was stationed in the Caribbean at the time of the incident and had intercepted a secret Soviet transmission. He explained that the Russian message mentioned a UFO malfunctioning and crashing to earth in the West Germany and Penkridge locations. What makes the story even more credible is that there have actually been some witnesses come forward.

In Nick Redfern's book Cosmic Crashes, we are told of an interview undertook by Redfern with a local man who claims that, not only did he see the object that night, but he even took photographs of it. He went on to state that he had witnessed first hand, the craft being covered in a tarpaulin and lifted on to an aircraft transporter. The story became even more sinister when the man added that, as he drove up-close to the object, he was stopped by a roadblock that was manned by police officers, RAF personnel and the Army who duly forced the temporary confiscation of his camera. The officers removed the film before returning it and sending the gentleman off in the opposite direction. 

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation came just before Redfern met with him. On the morning of the arranged interview the witness reported to have received a phone call from a Ministry of Defence department, telling him not to speak to the interviewers about the incident. Redfern, cynical at first, managed to establish validity by directly tracing the call back to an operator controlled by the military. The informant had also been given a phone number to call, and this number turned out to be from the MoD Guard service at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield. Strange stuff eh?

You would expect perhaps that an incident like this, that obviously involved many different people from many different agencies, would have been recorded in some way in Ministry of Defence files? - Unfortunately not. The only references I can find in the released files are Freedom of Information requests from members of the public asking for information about the incident, to which they always get the same reply - “the information you requested is not held by the Ministry of Defence”.

We must remember however that the MoD is very much a government department, and these places have a long history of cover-ups and lies. Do you honestly believe that if the British Government or Security Services had evidence of craft from outer-space they would see fit to tell us about it? I certainly don't.

In my view the whole situation with MoD released files can be seen as crooked. If you've ever read the book by George Orwell called 1984, you will recall the main character Winston had a job in which he was tasked with changing history and limiting people's reality by making certain adaptations to their newspapers and books, to suit the current policy of their oppressive government. He would change names, remove people and even completely delete stories from public knowledge by editing the limited information available to the masses.

I would like to propose the argument that this could be what the Ministry of Defence, and indeed all government departments for that matter, are doing under the mechanism of the Freedom of Information Act.

There is no doubt in my mind that something definitely did happen on Cannock Chase in 1964, the U.S Navy files alone prove that, but with our overly secret government, and their obsession with the suppression of knowledge and technology, we may never know the truth.

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Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Demonic Black-Eyed Children

UPDATE: Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley is now crowdfunding for a documentary on the Black Eyed Child sightings from Cannock Chase, England. Please show your support HERE

In the summer of 1982, my auntie was 18 years old. She and her friends would often meet and “chill” (her word, not mine) on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today. One of the groups many pastimes involved donning horror masks and attempting to scare away couples, who often used the area for illicit liaisons.

During one such evening, at around 9:45pm, just before dark, my auntie, several times, heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the 6-8 year old girl, running in the opposite direction, shouting “help mommy help”. Immediately my auntie started to run after the child, but was unable to keep up pace. During the pursuit, she tripped and received a huge gash in her toe, but still she continued to run. By now it was getting dark and the little girl had reached an area of very densely planted, thick and bushy trees. She turned around to face my auntie, looked her dead in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark, compact woodland. At this point, probably very wisely, the decision was made to give up.

Upon returning home from hospital (she had to get that toe seen to), my auntie was advised that it would probably be a good idea to call the police and let them know what she had witnessed. She did so, and was told by the investigating officer, to stay by the phone. At 7:30am the following morning, the household was awoken by a whole team of police personnel with tracker dogs, who asked her to show them exactly where she had seen the little girl. They hadn't received any reports of missing children and, in the end, didn't find anything, but thankfully it seems the police take any sighting of this nature very seriously. At the time, no one really had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on, the girl certainly appeared to be of flesh and blood. It was only later, when discussing the incident with a neighbor, that my auntie was made aware of Raymond Morris's 1960's child killings in the area. Sufficed to say, this revelation really spooked her.

Although there have been many other sightings of this nature in the area, and I certainly don't completely rule out the theory that they are indeed the “ghosts” of children murdered by Morris, to me it seems that, as these children often appear to be completely solid and never really show any unusual qualities, their origin could lay squarely in the realms of the occult.

I have already discussed the Cornovii tribe (people of the horn) and their fascination with satanic ritual and human sacrifice. That was 2000 years ago, but still their legacy continues. It is fairly common for people to see groups of hooded individuals chanting and drawing pentagrams in the dirt to this very day, although I am not suggesting they would harm a child, as it states clearly in their doctrine that “the ninth rule of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth is: Do not harm little children”. However, we know that Satanists like to conjure up demons, and which entities are their number one preference? You guessed it – Child Demons.

Demonic Children are, for the most part, considered to be the offspring of upper-level evil entities (although some are demon/human hybrids). They look like mortal children but are described as pure evil. Generally regarded as extremely dangerous, their powers are known to become even stronger with age. Take for example “Cambion”, also known as “The Devils Brat”, who, in medieval England, often took the form of a devious child, leading unknowing victims on a wild goose chase, frequently resulting in their death from a steep fall or something of the like: sound familiar?

In my mind it seems likely that even if my auntie had continued to chase that little girl, she would never have caught her, because it wasn't a child at all, but an evil force, planning to do away with my own family member. So it is a good job she gave up when she did. Imagine what could have happened if she had stayed out any longer. With darkness falling quickly in that relatively remote location, she could have easily lost her way. The woods can be extremely disorientating at night. Then what would have happened? 

Alone in England's spookiest woods with a demon-child: a situation to avoid at all costs, I think you will agree.  

Peace out my friends. Until next time ............


Exclusive video interview below....

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