Sunday, 8 June 2014

Google Street View Reveals Paranormal Presence In Cannock Chase Home

A Cannock Chase resident has recently been in touch after viewing an image of her home on Google Street View. What started out as a harmless bit of fun soon turned into understandable fear when she noticed what seems to be a topless male apparition in her bedroom window. Zooming in to take a closer look, we see the ghostly figure also has a face and appears to be looking directly at the camera. 

Now, there are lots and lots of apparent "spirit photos" online that can be viewed by anyone with the inclination, but this one, I'm sure you'll agree, really makes you think. 

I'm currently looking into the history of this property in the hope of coming to some conclusions about who, or what this strange image could represent. While it might look like a ghost initially, I'm a little concerned we could be dealing with something demonic. I will be speaking with the owner of this property again (who is noticeably shaken by the photograph) later on this week, and we will hopefully come to some kind of arrangement whereby I will be allowed to perform a more thorough investigation. 

Please feel free to leave comments with your opinions on this one guys. To be honest, I can't see how it could possibly be a reflection or anything inside the room misrepresenting itself through the lens.  

Also, get in touch with me at if you feel you have anything to contribute. 

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Cheers guys!